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[movies]Saints Row - Edna Mode
Saint's Row is a sandbox action crime game (read: GTA clone). With great voice acting, an improved control scheme, and a ghetto attitude, it was originally released in 2006 to great critical and commercial success, selling over 2 million copies. Its sequel, Saint's Row 2, was released in 2008 and has sold over 3.4 million copies. Saint's Row the Third is coming out this Winter to great anticipation...
Keywords: let's play; Edna Mode; Saints Row
Downloads: 751
[movies]Seaman - Maxwell Adams
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Maxwell Adams; Seaman
Downloads: 788
[movies]Secret of Evermore - My Name Is Kaz
Squaresoft made Secret of Evermore back when I was a lad as the second game in the Mana series (I think). It's game-engine-wise everything you could ask for in an action/RPG if you have any like of the Mana games, whose engines, by my estimate, have never been quite the same way twice. The plot is far removed from anything else in the series. That is, there's no world-tree-hugging harem of heroes carrying on about how we need a special sword to use as a trowel to prune the tree and either save o...
Downloads: 1,477
[movies]Serious Sam First and Second Encounter - Maxwell Adams
Serious Sam is the best Doom since Doom. The game is all about fighting off dozens of enemies at once. It was developed by Croteam, the only Croatian game developers that anyone has ever heard of. It retailed for $20, which is odd, considering how awesome the game is. Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Maxwell Adams; Serious Sam First and Second Encounter
Downloads: 1,438
[movies]Shadow Blasters - Wolfshirt
There's no Ghouls n' Ghosts games that I want to play, there was only one Hybrid Heaven, and the less said about Tingle the better. So I was going to do Shadow Blasters, recording all the audio through my microphone just like in the olden days. But the game sound was way too loud. Then it was way too quiet. So I put some soft music over it, and called it a day. Also the framerate is all bad for some reason...
Keywords: let's play; Wolfshirt; Shadow Blasters
Downloads: 406
[movies]Shadow Man - supergreatfriend
There is a place beyond death, where every soul that has ever shuffled of this mortal coil finds its spiritual home. It is a place that has no boundaries, no hope, no past and no future, trapped as it is in an unending present. A country of the dead, where the massed ranks of billions upon billions of souls range across a limitless expanse to a dead horizon, shuffling through the echoing halls of vast, funereal palaces, trudging over blasted plains, putrid with morbid vegetation...
Keywords: let's play; supergreatfriend; Shadow Man
Downloads: 451
[movies]Shadow of Rome - Jade Star
Welcome to Shadow of Rome, released in 2005 it is a highly stylized retelling of the assassination of Julius Caesar and the surrounding plot and intrigue in the roman senate. Where a young Octavianus, nephew of the late Caesar, struggles to uncover the plot behind Caesar's death and reveal Caesar's true murderer. ...But who cares?! This game is really about Agrippa killing tons of people in gladiatorial combat! Original Archived Version available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; jade star; shadow of rome
Downloads: 979
[movies]Shadow of the Colossus - Geop
Shadow of the Colossus takes place nearing the edge of the known world, in an area known only as "The Forbidden Land". It is here that a demon (or god of sorts), known as Dormin, resides. Dormin, having the power to bring back the dead, is approached by the protagonist, Wander, who makes a deal with the entity. If Wander slays sixteen colossi who roam the lands, Dormin will revive a girl, known as Mono, whose body Wander carries with him...
Keywords: let's play; Geop; Shadow of the Colossus
Downloads: 903
[movies]Shadow of the Comet - Coulis
So what is Shadow of the Comet ? It's an adventure game released by Infogrames in 1993. It's an official adaptation of the RPG Call of Cthulhu, which means that it surely contains: tentacles, insane cultists and of course you usual bed time reading, the Necronomicon. It got awful controls and an insane difficulty but it's still one of my favourite adventure games. You may not know the game itself but you probably have heard of the sequel: Prisoner of Ice...
Keywords: let's play; shadow of the comet; coulis
Downloads: 1,332
[movies]Shadow Warrior - Lord Booga
Shadow Warrior was released in 1997, using the Build Engine featured in Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Redneck Rampage. Above and beyond the original Build, it has sector-over-sector (transparent water, floors over floors), vehicles, turrets, and other features that I'll point out. It features our protagonist, Lo Wang, fighting against an evil villain/corporation named Zilla, who Lo Wang was previously working for as a bodyguard/assassin type, before he discovered the company was delving into Evil Th...
Keywords: let's play; Lord Booga; Shadow Warrior
Downloads: 751
[movies]Shogo - Vexation
Like a victim of numerous snake bites, I have somehow built up a resistance to all things Lithtech. Realizing that I possess this amazing ability, I figure that it is my solem duty to present to you all the 1998 thriller, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. Original archived version available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; shogo; vexation
Downloads: 1,642 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Silent Hill - Voidburger
If you've seen the Silent Hill movie, you may consider yourself familiar with the plot. Well aren't you an easily entertained stupid idiot butthead who I dislike strongly. Listen up chump, fuck all that mining shit and raining ash and Dahlia being a misunderstood mom, drinking tea with Alessa during Sunday brunch, while Pyramidhead waves at them from across the white picket fence rusty bloody barbedwire...
Keywords: let's play; Voidburger; Silent Hill
Downloads: 3,317 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Silent Hill 2 - Niggurath
Silent Hill 2 is the second installment of the Silent Hill series and the first game of the series to be released for Sony PlayStation 2. It launched in North America on September 24th, 2001 for the PS2 and was later ported to Microsoft Xbox (with the subtitle "Restless Dreams" and included previously unreleased features such as a playable sub-scenario) and the PC. James Sunderland has arrived in the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife, Mary, despite the fact that she had ...
Keywords: let's play; Niggurath; Silent Hill 2
Downloads: 1,091
[movies]Silent Hill 3 - Niggurath
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Niggurath; Silent Hill 3
Downloads: 442
[movies]Silent Hill 4 - Niggurath
So what are some key elements of any good Silent Hill game? A thick, dark, and suffocating atmosphere of emotional horrors? A grinding and metallic sound track and audio effects echoing some malevolent cacophony ringing forth from hell? A deep, symbolic storyline rich in allegories, metaphors, and disturbing imagery? Well the 2004 release, Silent Hill 4: The Room, does indeed have some of that but it also decided to try out a few new ideas...
Keywords: let's play; Niggurath; Silent Hill 4
Downloads: 527
[movies]Silent Hill: 0rigins - VoidBurger
Travis Grady, trucker with potential mommy/daddy/sexual issues, ends up in Silent Hill. Town has a field day. Silent Hill is a survival horror series published by Konami and (in this case) Climax Studios for the PS2. Origins was initially released November 2007 on the PSP first, then on the PS2 in March 2008. I'll be playing the PS2 version. Silent Hill Origins (also known as Silent Hill Zero in Japan) is the fifth installment in the series, but it is a prequel to the very first game...
Keywords: let's play; silent hill origins; voidburger
Downloads: 1,382
[movies]Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - VoidBurger
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (which shall henceforth be called "ShatMemz") is a horror-themed adventure game "survival horror" video game and is a reimagining of the first game in the Silent Hill series. It was released on December 9th, 2009 for the Wii, PS2 and PSP. The advertising for the game emphasized the horror (amplified by the lack of combat) and the story which was (seemingly) very strongly influenced by "psychological factors" which the game takes into account while you play...
Keywords: let's play; VoidBurger; Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Downloads: 1,730 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Silent Hill: The Arcade - VoidBurger
Silent Hill: The Arcade is an hour-long railshooter about a spooky boat or something. It's similar to House of the Dead and based off the Silent Hill franchise. It's the only SH game to deviate from the usual survival horror style, aside from the Play Novel, which no one seems to like anyway, and now Shattered Memories, which everyone's pretty divided over. The game was released in Japan in August 2007, and released in the UK in 2008...
Keywords: let's play; VoidBurger; Silent Hill: The Arcade
Downloads: 530
[movies]Simpsons: Arcade Game - Maxwell Adams
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Maxwell Adams; Simpsons: Arcade Game
Downloads: 1,129
[movies]Sin & Punishment - Jacobus Spades
Sin & Punishment: Successor to Earth is an N64 title by Treasure previously released only in Japan, now coming to you from my television! Likened to by many to be the Ikaruga of the N64, this title highlights the strengths of the system in numerous ways, pushing it to the limit in terms of graphics, cinematic presentation, and gameplay. It is a game truely worthy of the title "the Nintendo 64's swansong"...
Keywords: sin and punishment; let's play; jacobus spades
Downloads: 711
[movies]Sin Episodes:Emergence - Blister
This game makes no sense in relation to the first SiN game, it was supposed to be a whole new story, but well, there aren't or to my knowledge will ever be new episodes to make sense of it all. But it has breasts, drugs, nerd pandering, and railgun pistols. So please watch and enjoy. If you don't like it, I don't care, I like it and will watch it over and over in my moms basement while eating hot pockets...
Keywords: let's play; blister; sin episodes: emergence
Downloads: 1,266
[movies]Siren 2 - Egomaniac
The story begins on the isolated island of Yamijima located a short distance from the shores of Japan. At midnight, on one fateful night 29 years ago, an underwater electric cable snaps, causing a total blackout on the island. The events of that ill-fated night result in the disappearance of the island's inhabitants, and to this day the horrifying incident remains shrouded in mystery. We'll be playing as a dozen characters whose paths intersect over a two-day period on Yamijima, where something ...
Keywords: let's play; Egomaniac; Siren 2
Downloads: 748
[movies]Siren: Blood Curse - Egomaniac
Siren: Blood Curse is a PS3 game released by Sony in July 2008, and is a remake of the 2003 PS2 game Siren. Blood Curse was initially available only for download from the online Playstation Store, with a staggered Blu-ray release beginning later in Japan, Europe and Australia. In North America, download or import remain the only way to play the game. The story follows an American television crew for the paranormal investigative program "Encounters" as they visit a tiny village in the heart of Ja...
Keywords: let's play; Egomaniac; Siren: Blood Curse
Downloads: 702
[movies]Slash'Em - Filburt Shellbach
On December 30th, 2007 I began my NetHack LP. It went fairly well. I had some interesting conditions (my favorite was "read your scroll of amnesia"). I ascended at one point, so people got their money's worth. NetHack is a wildly popular free software game. You can download the code and modify it. Several people have, which has led to.. NETHACK VARIANTS The variant I'll be playing is Slash'EM. Slash'EM (Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic) has a reputation of being too over-the-top...
Keywords: let's play; Filburt Shellbach; slash em
Downloads: 305
[movies]Sly 2: Band of Thieves - FirstAidKite
Sly 2 is an open-world mission-based jumping-shooting-brawling-bombing-caning-platformer game by Sucker Punch Studios, creators of the overlooked N64 classic Rocket! Robot On Wheels as well as critically acclaimed PS3 title InFamous. Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; firstaidkite; sly 2
Downloads: 1,361
[movies]Sly Cooper - FirstAidKite
Welcome to this let's play of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, a PS2 exclusive action platformer featuring stealth elements. Created by Sucker Punch Productions and released in 2002 to rave reviews, this game brought old fashioned platforming to the table and twisted it into something new, something fun, something cool. The game itself is about a raccoon and his gang (consisting of Bentley the brainy turtle and Murray the muscular hippo-slash-getaway-driver) on a journey to filch, steal, y...
Keywords: let's play; sly cooper; kite ryagara
Downloads: 1,226
[movies]Soldier of Fortune - UnknownMercenary
Announced in 1999 and released in 2000, Soldier of Fortune is a first person shooter developed by Raven Software. Supposedly, it's based on the real-life exploits of a guy named John Mullins. Beyond the use of his likeness, I don't think the game is based on his life at all unless fighting as a mercenary is just like how it is portrayed in action movies. It was advertised as being "realistic" but really what this means is that you can shoot the limbs off of everybody and people die in lots of gr...
Keywords: let's play; UnknownMercenary; Soldier of Fortune
Downloads: 247
[movies]Sonic 1-3 & Knuckles - Cybershell
Hi. This is a Let's Play of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll be starting with Sonic 1, if people like it I'll play the rest of the games. I'm trying to be informative while at least moderately entertaining. This probably isn't gonna be the funniest LP ever but you might learn a thing or two about Sonic. I'll try and maintain a somewhat regular update schedule, a video every couple of days week few months or so...
Keywords: let's play; cybershell; sonic
Downloads: 1,355
[movies]Sonic 2 SE - docfuture
In honor of Sonic's Birthday and the announcement of his bizzare new game, I'd like to share a weird classic remake that never made it to market: The Sega CD 32X version of Sonic 2 called Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition. This was one of only six games created specially for the horrible system that required the unholy combination of a Genesis, 32x, and a Sega CD adapter. At first, it seems pretty similar to regular Sonic 2, but there are several design changes that were made to take advanta...
Keywords: let's play; docfuture; Sonic 2; Special Edition
Downloads: 11,972 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Space Channel 5 Parts 1&2 - Malorie
Space Channel 5 is a rhythm game, originally an exclusive to the Sega Dreamcast, but later ported to the PS2. You play as Ulala, a news reporter for Space Channel 5, trying to cover a strange alien invasion whilst keeping things totally stylish to keep the channel ratings up. If your audience figures are too low after one of your reports, your show gets cancelled. Simple! Original Archived Version available at the Let's Play Archive.
Keywords: let's play; space channel 5; malorie
Downloads: 1,773
[movies]Space Quest Collection - Nidoking
The original Space Quest was an attempt by two Sierra programmers to create a parody of both science fiction and adventure games, and it worked. It worked well. It may have worked TOO well. The game spawned no less than five sequels and developed a huge following among adventure game fans. Its scope and popularity are probably second only to Sierra's flagship series, King's Quest, among all of the company's adventure game properties, and Space Quest arguably had the dignity to end before becomin...
Keywords: let's play; Nidoking; Space Quest Collection
Downloads: 1,481
[movies]Space Quest IV - Maxwell Adams
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Maxwell Adams; Space Quest IV
Downloads: 345
[movies]Spider-Man - Chip Cheezum
Spider-Man was released in the year 2000 for both the Playstation and the N64. Developed by Neversoft, the game is a well received beat 'em up that later went on to have a sequel. The game was ported a year later to the PC and Dreamcast. The game also has a 2D counterpart on the Gameboy Color. General Ironicus and myself are playing the N64 version. There are a few differences between the N64 and Playstation versions...
Keywords: let's play; spider-man; chip cheezum
Downloads: 1,857
[movies]Spiritual Warfare - Roar
Wash your hands and take off your loving shoes. We're about to play some Spiritual Warfare. This game might sound familiar. It should be: it's been reviewed in the ROM pit and it's also been LP'ed by Friendly Factory back in the old school days of Let's Play. This is an unlicensed Zelda-clone made by the spiritually superior company Wisdom Tree, which brought such classics as Super 3D Noah's Ark and Bible Adventures, games where the animals are bad guys who haven't yet received the word of our l...
Keywords: let's play; roar; spiritual warfare
Downloads: 638
[movies]Splinter Cell - Erenthal
Splinter Cell, or Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (though Clancy has absolutely nothing to do with this other than slapping his name on it) is a game released in 2002 for the XBOX. A PC version followed, along with a PS2 and Gamecube edition and even a GBA version (thanks Dragonatrix!). We will be playing the PC version. It is a stealth game dealing with fairly plausible subjects and story. As a player, we will take the role of Sam Fisher (voiced by the hardest man in show business, Michael Goddamn I...
Keywords: let's play; erenthal; splinter cell
Downloads: 624
[movies]Splinter Cell: Conviction - Brassherald
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth game in the Splinter Cell franchise. It was first released on April 13, 2010 for the XBox 360, and the next week released for the PC. The goal of the development company was to make a game with a James bond/Jason Bourne feel to it, where stealth was not about crawling along slowly, I think they succeeded in making it fun. While the game is short, it only has one weak level, and has a pretty good story, that many likened to an episode of 24...
Keywords: let's play; Brassherald; Splinter Cell: Conviction
Downloads: 704
[movies]Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Erenthal
Hello, and welcome to the exciting world of undercover operations! Double Agent is a 2007 game, released for the 360/PS3/PC/XBOX/Gamecube/PS2 platforms, and I'm sure I missed one or two other systems. However, the 360/PS3/PC version is substantially different both in story and execution from the more low-tech ones, interestingly enough. We will be playing the PC version. Double Agent got somewhat battered by the critics when it came...
Keywords: let's play; splinter cell: double agent; erenthal
Downloads: 577
[movies]Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - Erenthal
Intro: Welcome (and welcome back for some of you) Clancy-fans, to the second installment of the Splinter Cell series, Pandora Tomorrow! Released in 2004 for the Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and PC, it's a refinement of the very successful (and IMHO fun) formula established by the 2002 game Splinter Cell. Though not reaching the heights of its sequel Chaos Theory, PT is still a very good game and has (though perhaps not graphically) aged quite well...
Keywords: let's play; erenthal; splinter cell: pandora tomorrow
Downloads: 777
[movies]Spy Fiction - supergreatfriend
While Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro is mainly known for the love-it-or-hate-it Deadly Premonition, he has worked on other games in the past, usually as a writer or designer. However, he has been in the director's chair for one other game besides Deadly Premonition, and that was 2004's Spy Fiction. Someone who may expect Swery's previous work to be like Deadly Premonition may be surprised by Spy Fiction...
Keywords: let's play; supergreatfriend; Spy Fiction
Downloads: 349
[movies]Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - Just A Friend, Sinatrapod
Ripto's Rage, developed by Insomniac Games, is the sequel to the 1998 platformer "Spyro the Dragon". The original Insomniac trilogy finishes off with "Spyro: Year of the Dragon". The games were exclusive to Playstation and they kind of became a bastion for the Playstation brand. Spyro 2 was released in North America under "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!" on October 31, 1999 and in Europe as "Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer" on November 5, 1999...
Keywords: let's play; Just A Friend, Sinatrapod; Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Downloads: 526
[movies]Star Fox 64 - Maxwell Adams
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Maxwell Adams; Star Fox 64
Downloads: 1,066
[movies]Star Trek Generations - davidspackage
In 1994, there was Star Trek Generations, a pretty good Trek movie up until the last act, when the plot stops returning making sense's calls, and Captain Kirk shows up in a --in my humble opinion-- completely counterproductive and undesirable last moment of glory. Good movie, but I think cutting out the entire Kirk storyline and the thereby unnecessary time travel parts would've made it far better...
Keywords: let's play; davidspackage; Star Trek Generations
Downloads: 1,719
[movies]Star Trek Online - PoptartsNinja
Let's Play Star Trek Online! It's a game with some bizarre problems (not the least of which: it thinks it's an MMORPG) which, nonetheless, still manages to be fairly entertaining. Q: Wait, Poptarts, you said this was an MMORPG? Isn't Let's Playing an MMORPG kinda stupid? Yeah, it would be-if I considered Star Trek Online to be an MMORPG. It really isn't (or, rather, it is in the same way that Dawn of War II is a real-time strategy game)...
Keywords: let's play; PoptartsNinja; Star Trek Online
Downloads: 1,058 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Star Wars: Republic Commando - pannycakes
Way back in the early years of this decade, LucasArts realized that people not only enjoyed Star Wars, which they had happily been making and publishing horrible games about for years, but that they also enjoyed tactical shooters. But then, in a stroke of genius, they realized that many people, and gamers in particular, lack the intelligence to play Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon and so they decided that you, the player, should have as little say in the game's decision making as possible...
Keywords: let's play; pannycakes; republic commando
Downloads: 1,988
[movies]Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - WeaponBoy
The Force Unleashed is a game released by Lucasarts in late 2008. Simultaneously, the game was released by several other developers for an absurd number of consoles and platforms ranging from the Wii, to iOS devices, to the fucking N-Gage. The Force Unleashed was developed with several new technologies—some even exclusively developed for this game—to create a much more realistic world in order to really let the player, ahem, unleash the force in ways it never had before...
Keywords: let's play; WeaponBoy; Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Downloads: 1,208
[movies]Stonekeep - davidspackage
Stonekeep. Interplay, 1995. What began as a simple tile-based dungeon crawler was swept up by ambition and pigheaded-ness, making what could have been a true classic into a long overdue, technologically disappointing odd duck that few remember. Sure, it had its strengths – atmospheric music, a very simplified user interface that allowed focus on exploration and combat, interesting graphics (digitized actors in monster suits!) – but a tile-based faux-3D game, in first person perspective, at a...
Keywords: let's play; davidspackage; Stonekeep
Downloads: 260
[movies]Stuntman - TyrantSabre
Stuntman is a somewhat convoluted, complicated series which isn't what you'd call a blockbuster franchise, or even a cult classic. It's a game released in 2002 by Atari and developed by Reflections Interactive (better known as the original developers of the Driver series). Its sequel, Stuntman Ignition, wasn't released or developed by either of its original owners; the rights to the franchise were bought out by THQ in 2006 and the title was farmed out to developers Paradigm Entertainment, which ...
Keywords: let's play; TyrantSabre; Stuntman
Downloads: 535
[movies]Stupid Invaders - Dicky B
While watching the Vexation's Grim Fandango LP I tried to think of some other games which would be more entertaining to watch without somebody jibber jabbering over it, and this was the first game to come to mind. Stupid Invaders is a point-and-click adventure game loosely based on the TV series Space Goofs, released in 2000. Original archived version available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; stupid invaders; dicky b; space goofs
Downloads: 1,052
[movies]Sunday School - Robotnik DDS
For my "lucky" thirteenth LP and my seventh "Sunday School" LP, I thought I'd do something special Religious games have always been fascinating to me. I've played some really weird ones over the course of this series. This time, I'm going to play six of them, all based on Noah's Ark. Our list includes Noah's Ark (NES), Bible Adventures (Genesis), Super Noah's Ark 3D (SNES), Cosmic Ark (Atari 2600), Noah's Adventures (PC), and Noah's Adventures 2: The Zoo Race (PC)...
Keywords: let's play; robotnik dds; sunday school
Downloads: 775
[movies]Super Adventure Rockman - Oyster
Welcome to Super Adventure Rockman, an obscure Japanese-only Saturn and PSX Megaman FMV game. Some of you may be asking why the fuck am I LPing two Megaman games in a row, and the answer is simple. This isn't a Megaman game. The game features all the Robot Masters from MMs 1-3, with the Robot Masters from 1 being reprogrammed yet again, and this time help Mega out. The others are fought throughout the game...
Keywords: let's play; super adventure rockman; oyster
Downloads: 1,932
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